“Beauty is not an absolute feature of a beautiful body,

but a conjunction of all its inherent features”

                                                                       R. SCOTT



In my work I tried to create a mood and an atmosphere that would exist above the

modernity, beyond time framework. I see my mission in revealing the beauty and the

uniqueness of every single character.

The contemporary information environment, where globalization turned to be a

means to charm the crowd requires inner strength for making a proper self-assessment.

It is impossible and there is no need for everyone to resemble the ladies from the covers

of glossy magazines. By the mean of art I suggest creating a peculiar, vibrant, non-glamorous

image. It is obvious that visual propaganda of the globalization era is mesmerizing,

what invests mass culture with so much power over the people’s minds. The contemporary

culture leaves no other choice. As a consequence, the concept of “BEAUTY” is being

deformed. The globally acknowledged pattern of beauty is an absurdist parody of the

naturality and inimitable originality. As a network it was thrown on those living in the

media space. I am convinced, that in a complex world beauty is concealed in uniqueness

of image!

All exhibition heroines are Muscovites. Each one experiences full life. With all their

daily routine and concerns they remain, nonetheless, charming and highly spiritual personalities.

The technology of my work is based on perception of beauty as a combination of human’s

energy, his or her vivid individual expressiveness, as well as, application of professional

techniques in photography for balancing the dynamic energy and external features

of my characters.

An outstanding personality will always draw gaze, his or her energy is mesmerizing

people around.

Every work of mine represents an image applied onto fabric using the sublimation

printing technique. Individual painting with acrylic paints completes the picture.


Canvasses size: 3 x 1,5 m

Author of the project: PAVEL VAAN

Assistant, technical support: Leonid Semeniuk