The exhibitions in the castle Danennlohe.

June, July 2014

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Exhibition Pavel Vaan in Moscow Provincial theatre. Artistic director Sergey Bezrukov.

April, May 2014

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December 2012

Russian beauty in Vienna. At the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Vienna, the presentation of the exhibition of the famous Russian art photographer Pavel Vaan…

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June 2012

Russian Beauties in London. The exhibition of works made by Pavel Vaan…

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March 2012

The exhibichon of Pavel Vaan in Boston.  Middleboro — From March 28 to March 31, the Middleboro Public Library…

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November 2011

 Exhibition in Duesseldorf November 15, 2011…

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Oktober 2011

 More than a dozen portraits of women, presented in Strasbourg at the exhibition entitled «Out of Time » famous Russian stylist Pavel Vaan , ITAR -TASS reported.

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September 2011

The Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin…

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June 2011

June 9 at the premises of the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg , which is located in a historic castle Begg , the opening of the exhibition » Russian Beauty» Moscow’s famous stylist Pavel Vaan .

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March 2011

During the Festival of Russian Culture, which was held in Dublin in March of this year , in Ireland, visited a professional hair stylist and artist of Russia Pavel Vahan . Paul held an exhibition of his portraits of the Russian Embassy in Dublin.

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